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Überflieger - das Geheimnis des großen Juwels startete mit Pilzessin Tatoos - - zauberhafte Kinderdinge

High flyers - the secret of the great jewel started with Mushroom Tatoos

To coincide with the film's release, there was a raffle of mushroom tattoos . The temporary tattoos are sophisticated illustrations full of detail and poetry, interspersed with pink metallic illuminations that beautifully showcase their feathers.

Richard, the cheeky young sparrow who was adopted by a family of storks, is enjoying the winter in northern Africa - but now it's time to return home and appoint a lead stork apprentice to lead the flock. Richard is absolutely certain of victory, but when it is not he himself who is chosen, but his stork brother Max, Richard is offended and ends up on his own in a turbulent adventure: the young late-night Samia and her horde find themselves in the clutches of the tyrannical and vain peacock Zamano. They cannot regain their freedom until they solve a puzzle and find the great jewel for Zamano. To help Samia, Richard has to learn what it means to be a team and trust his friends, not an easy task...but together you can do anything!

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