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Pilzessin Ausflugtipp : Die steirische Schokoladenfabrik, wo Genussträume wahr werden - - zauberhafte Kinderdinge

Pilzessin excursion tip: The Styrian chocolate factory, where culinary dreams come true

A trip to “Zotter Chocolate” in Riegersburg

The sky is slightly cloudy, a calm atmosphere and we explore the area around the Wotel , the apartment house in the herb village of Söchau, where we spontaneously rented ourselves for a few days of vacation in Eastern Styria. Starting from our Holunder apartment, we were ready for the afternoon, really on a discovery tour, full of curiosity. We drove to Bergl near Riegersburg, 15 kilometers from our holiday home, and we were already full of anticipation on the way there. We briefly remember the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where a little boy immerses himself in the world of the chocolate manufacturer Willy Wonka. We could actually have watched the film beforehand. But now we're going to the real chocolate factory, the Styrian one. As soon as we enter there is a real magic that captures us, the smell of chocolate, even more joy arises. A magical world we come into, this glass factory, just makes you happy, this hodgepodge of different chocolates. This cocoa trip around the world is educational; Fine cocoa is the stuff these chocolate dreams are made of and we taste different types of cocoa beans, which then vary the taste of the chocolate. We experience how cocoa beans transform into chocolate and why organic and fair is simply better for people and the environment. Over 500 exciting, melt-in-your-mouth creations are created at Zotter . We sample the individual production steps, so to speak, absolutely my sweets dream, but also sugar-alternative chocolates, vegan chocolates and even calorie-free indulgence dreams. Our chocolate excursion ends happily and with a feeling of complete satisfaction.

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