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Mushroom essence 🍄 Magical things for babies and children


Welcome to - the online shop for magical baby things and magical children's things

In our online shop for magical baby and children's things, we offer a wide range of products that you need for life with a baby and growing child, that you simply want or that make a lot of things easier or at least more beautiful.

Our carefully selected range of baby and children's products

In addition to a basic range of fashion and clothing for babies from birth up to around 10 years of age, we also offer shoes for babies and children, slippers, slippers for kindergarten and school, as well as many essential accessories such as backpacks, kindergarten bags, snack cans and drinks bottles. Our range also includes many things that are needed as initial equipment when a new family member arrives, such as baby nests, diapers, pacifiers, teething rings, baby bottles, mobiles, sleeping bags, bathing suits and many useful baby care items such as baby toothbrushes, bibs, stroller accessories, Music boxes, pacifier straps and changing mats. Our selection of toys for babies and children is huge and hand-picked. From balance bikes and children's vehicles, to explorer toys, from wooden toys to craft items, from board games to dollhouses, we offer interesting toys and educational toys for children. Essential children's things such as sunglasses, umbrellas and rain gear, bath towels and slippers but also ideas for special gifts for a variety of occasions such as births, baptisms, baby showers, children's birthdays. And don't forget our party department. Here we offer a wide variety of party decorations, candles, balloons, party plates and cardboard dishes with unusual motifs and simply many things that make a child's birthday or birthday party an unforgettable experience. With our selection we try to have something special for every taste, from classic to exclusive.

The story of the mushroom eater

Once upon a time, not so long ago, somewhere between Stubenberg am See and Weiz, Papa Pilz 🍄 created the word that he thought his wife, Mama Pilz, including her sometimes existing airs and graces, understood quite well could describe - and so he created the word "PILZESSIN. So a combination of the family name and the airs of a princess - and then the MUSHROOM was born. Then the idea of ​​a shop for magical baby things and children's things came along and soon afterwards the idea became a reality The deed was implemented. A business premises was found at the upper end of Sporgasse in Graz, right at the foot of the Schloßberg, Graz's local mountain with its well-known landmark clock tower, and off we went. It opened sometime in October 2016, the time in between is like that passed away in a flash. The daughter of the Pilz family 🍄, lovingly called Mrs. Zwerg, grew up and discovered her passion for wonderful children's products, extraordinary baby things and especially for babies, children and their adult customers and without further ado she took over the scepter of the kids concept. stores.