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Ausflug nach Stubenberg am See - - zauberhafte Kinderdinge

Trip to Stubenberg am See

Despite the rain, sometimes you just have to get out. Get out into the countryside, see, experience, discover something different. We did a fantastic lap around Lake Stubenberg in the most wonderful drizzly weather; Sure, it might be even better when the sun is shining, but there's nothing going on when there's a light drizzle. A lap around the lake is about 3 km long and works great (because it's asphalted) with a balance bike, tricycle , bicycle and stroller anyway. You always walk along the shore of the lake and since there are no cars, the kids can even race. Everything goes according to the motto: When I see the lake, I don't need the sea anymore. And because we were really hungry afterwards, we fortified ourselves with delicious ribs and home-brewed beer at Moarpeter . For the kids there are homemade fruit juices that taste fantastic. Afterwards a coffee, which is also sourced regionally, with a heavenly sweet dessert and for a few of us we also had home-brewed, original Styrian whiskey. The rain then stopped completely and it was great to play on the huge meadow in front of the house with a fantastic view! We'll be back soon to pet Coco, the house dog!
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