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    Baby toothbrush the Brushies - the pig

    the Brushies

    The Brushies are here! Meet the whale, the monkey, the pig or the dinosaur as a toddler toothbrush. Imported and made in the USA. BPA and phlate fr...

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    Original price €7,95 - Original price €7,95
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You can find toothbrushes for babies in the Pilzessin

In the Pilzessin you will find a large selection of toothbrushes especially for babies and children. Because proper dental care is very important even in babyhood. The toothbrushes in our range are specially tailored to the needs of little ones and offer the highest quality and safety.

For the very little ones, for example, we offer special baby toothbrushes that adapt perfectly to their little mouths and teeth. These are available in different colors and designs and therefore ensure a positive experience when brushing your teeth.

For older children, we have a wide selection of child-friendly toothbrushes with different characters and designs. These provide a playful experience and motivate the little ones to brush their teeth regularly.

All of our toothbrushes are from well-known brand manufacturers and meet the highest quality standards. So you can be sure that you are offering your child a safe and high-quality product.

Please visit us in our store in downtown Graz or browse our online shop to find the perfect toothbrush for your child. Our staff will also be happy to advise you personally to help you choose the right toothbrush for your child.

The 1st toothbrush

There should be a very special baby toothbrush for the baby. Of course, up to the age of one, this should be a very soft, specially shaped toothbrush.

The oral flora of infants is very sensitive and needs to be protected from bacteria. It's also good for the baby if it gets used to having to clean its teeth right from the start and also pay attention to the lips and the inside of the mouth.


The first tooth and the milk teeth fall out again, but are just as susceptible to tooth decay as the subsequent, permanent teeth. And once the first teeth are affected by caries, this is often passed on to the other, permanent teeth.


It is best to place the baby on the bed or changing table in the morning and evening. Lying down is the ideal position for brushing your baby's teeth. Wipe your mouth with a clean cotton cloth. Then lightly massage the lips with the first toothbrush and then gently insert it into the mouth. Move the brushie from back to front along the upper and lower jaw and back again on the other side. Move along the first tooth from top to bottom, including on the back. Plaque and bacteria can be removed from the start.


The first toothbrush also needs to be cleaned. When cleaning the brushies, you can proceed in the same way as cleaning a pacifier. After brushing your teeth, rinse briefly under running water. Once or twice a week, the Brushie should be sterilized either in a sterilizer, a steamer or in boiling water. And immediately after drying and cooling down, it is ready for use again.