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What's crawling there? Children's nature guide

by Kosmos
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What's crawling there?

Children's nature guide: insects, spiders, woodlice, millipedes

Which insects live in our immediate surroundings? How do I build an insect hotel? The KOSMOS children's nature guide shows the 85 most important insects, spiders, woodlice and millipedes. He also gives useful tips and tricks about determining, recognizing and doing things yourself.

Recognize: What's crawling there? The overview of our insects, spiders, woodlice and millipedes as well as lifelike color drawings help you to find out quickly.
Discover: Where and how does the creepy crawly live and what does it like to eat most? The most important features and special features at a glance.
Experience: Lots of information and tips to get involved and try out.

This nature guide for children presents the fascinating world of our insects, spiders and the like in a competent and child-friendly manner. Recommended by NABU.