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Magic hat

by Kosmos
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The KOSMOS Magic Hat lets children aged 8 and over immerse themselves in the fascinating world of magic. With this magical experiment set, aspiring magicians can learn their own tricks and amaze their friends and family.

The Magic Hat Set contains various magic utensils that enable young magicians to create impressive illusions. With the help of the illustrated instructions, you will learn step by step how to perform the tricks and amaze the audience.

The magic hat not only serves as a storage place for the magic utensils, but also as a stage for the magic performances. The children can hide their tricks in them and conjure them up at the right time. The hat gives the performances a special atmosphere and makes the performances seem even more magical.

The Magic Hat Set contains various magic utensils such as magic cards, a rope, rings and coins that children can use to perform their tricks. The materials are high quality and safe for children.

By trying out and practicing the tricks, the young magicians not only develop their dexterity, but also their self-confidence and presentation skills. They learn to perform in front of an audience and skillfully present their tricks.

The Magic Hat is not only a fun toy, but also a way to encourage children's creativity and imagination. They can invent their own magic tricks and shape the world of magic the way they want.

With the KOSMOS Magic Hat, children can immerse themselves in the world of magic and discover their own magical abilities. A fascinating and entertaining experiment set that teaches you the basics of magic and allows you to create your own magic show. The Magic Hat is the perfect gift for all little magicians who want to develop their magical abilities.