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Fairy tale dollhouse

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In the Öko-Test issue 12/2013, the fairytale dollhouse was rated “VERY GOOD”. The fairytale dollhouse makes the hearts of little princesses beat faster. In addition to two wooden figures, the set also comes with furniture, fences and small trees with which your child can lovingly and individually furnish the dollhouse. The fairytale dollhouse can also be opened and closed, which means that all the individual wooden toys can be stored in the fairytale house. The fairy tale dollhouse is particularly designed to strengthen your child's creativity and at the same time train their motor and visual understanding.

All EverEarth® products are painted with water-based paints and contain no chemical pollutants. Your child can therefore put the toy in their mouth without any concerns. All toys are made from FSC®-certified wood that is obtained from sustainable forestry.

All EverEarth® items are rounded and have no sharp edges that could injure your child.

This toy is suitable for children aged 36 months and over.

W: 27.0 cm D: 22.0 cm H: 18.5 cm