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Djeco game logic - observation and speed

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Archichato - observation and speed

Builder duel: the first to build the pyramid on the map wins. But be careful, there are traps and parts that are very similar!

Dimensions: 13.5 x 18 x 13.5 cm
Players: 2
Playing time: 10 minutes
Age: 6 - 99 years

Contents: 2 sets with 9 cones (6 large cones and 3 small cones) and 30 "tasks" cards.

Goal of the game: Be the first to build a castle that exactly matches the castle on the map.

Preparation of the game: each player receives 1 set of 9 cones, which they place on the table in front of them. The task cards are in the middle
placed face down on a pile.

How the game works: The youngest player draws the top card of the stack and places it face up on the table, visible to both players.
After the start has been released, the players select the sides of the cones that correspond to the castle facade
correspond and place them so that the construction resembles the template.

Note: If small cones are stacked on top of the large cones, new facade shapes are obtained.
When a player believes their castle is ready, they stop the game:
- If his castle matches the castle on the card, he wins the card.
- if this is not the case, the opponent gets the card.

Then the second player draws a card and the game continues.
End of the game: The first player to win 5 cards is the winner of the game.

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