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Light and Darkness experiment box

by Kraul
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LIGHT AND DARKNESS introduces the phenomena of light, shadow, mirrors and lenses in a playful way. The game begins with simple light and shadow games and an introduction to shadow theater.

  • The cotton ball becomes the moon and, with changing lighting, shows all phases between the new and full moon.
  • In the darkness of the camera obscura, photographs are created that show the function of the first cameras.
  • A real lens serves as a magnifying glass or creates upside down images that can be captured in the air with tracing paper.
  • Experimenting with mirrors. For example, what happens with multiple reflections or with a flexible and a spherical mirror?
  • A light guide shows how the light in this “wire” can also be sent around curves.
  • The hollow glass sphere or small air bubbles in a water box act as reduction lenses. The glass ball and water drops, on the other hand, magnify like a strong magnifying glass.
  • Two tea lights serve as light sources alongside the sun and lamps.

The toy brand Kraul stands for great fun, experiencing technology in a child's way, imaginative opportunities to explore, play, experiment and experience for small and older children, joy in playing with earth, water, fire, air and for playful fascination with physical effects. And this has been the case for over 50 years. For me, Kraul also means creating a contrast to the iPad, cell phone, WiiU, all the electric toys and inspiring children to lend a hand.