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Crystal breeding

by Kosmos
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Discover the fascinating world of crystal growing with the KOSMOS “Crystal Growing” experiment set. This unique set allows children to grow their own sparkling crystals in different shapes and colors and create their own little crystal world.

With the help of the enclosed materials and detailed instructions, children aged 10 and over can playfully learn how crystals are formed and how they develop impressive crystal structures. By mixing the special crystal growing solution and cooling it in the included molds, children can watch beautiful crystals gradually form.

The experiment set contains everything you need for crystal growing: crystal growing solution, molds, measuring spoons and detailed instructions. The colorful instructions guide you through the growing process step by step and also provide exciting background information about the formation and properties of crystals.

The home-grown crystals can then be proudly presented. Whether as decoration in the children's room or as a gift for family and friends, the sparkling crystals are an impressive result of your own experimentation.

Note: Please note that crystal growing should be done under adult supervision. Some of the chemicals contained may pose a health hazard. Before use, the instructions should be read thoroughly, followed and retained for further use. It is recommended to avoid contact with the chemicals and keep experimentation out of the reach of small children.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of crystals with the KOSMOS “Crystal Breeding” experiment set. An exciting and educational experimental experience that will delight children aged 10 and over and deepen their understanding of the fascinating chemistry behind the sparkling crystals.