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Cheat pen division

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Graphite pencil division

The divisions up to 10 are already printed on this graphite pencil. This makes arithmetic tasks child's play!

  • Graphite pencil with lead HB
  • including rubber tip for erasing
  • Round box with 72 pieces.
  • made from FSC-certified wood
  • produced in Austria

With these pencils from JOLLY , dividing becomes much easier!
Perfect for practicing and quick review!

The Rolling Stones storm the charts, the first satellites go into space and the JOLLY brand is born. JOLLY brand products have been the epitome of items related to painting, drawing and writing for generations. JOLLY is the brand that brings a smile to your face. Who hasn't stood in amazement in front of the pack with 36 or even 48 colors? As children we wanted this (and rarely got it) - as adults we wish we were still children.
Austrian production guarantees high quality and reliability. JOLLY offers products that put a smile on the faces of young and old alike - today as well as back then.
The large range leaves nothing to be desired with the wide range on offer, and we at Pilzessin are already well equipped because you can never have enough beautiful things.