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Aqua2go water brush

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Aqua2go brush

With the Aqua2go brush you can have fun painting with water anytime, anywhere.
Simply fill the Aqua2go with water and you can start painting watercolors!

  • with leak protection
  • It also works with the abrasion of the leads from the tips
  • cool watercolor effects
  • simply draw color gradients
  • for opaque paints, Supersticks Aqua and Superwaxies Watercolor

Aqua2go Brush – This is how the colored pencil becomes watercolor!

This works best with the Supersticks Aqua from JOLLY ! Simply paint with the colored pencil and then dilute the color with a little water on the paper. Or lightly rub the wet brush over the paint lead and wipe off the paint.

Aqua2go has a water tank in the shaft. It is simply filled with water. The water supply is regulated by pressure in the middle of the brush.
Let's start the painting fun!