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Bauhaus blue

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The Bauhaus playsets from Grimms are perfect for playing and traveling. This blue set consists of a roof, three arches, two felt cloths, a stove, a table, two chairs and a shelf. The playset can be inhabited by dollhouse families (e.g. 20000/20010/20050/20060). The wood is made of lime wood and glazed in color. The play set can be easily transported using the included felt cover with cord. Grimms attaches great importance to the fact that their products are manufactured sustainably and that they all contain unique traces of nature. The "Made by nature" seal is intended to remind customers that natural products have different structures in the wood grain and color variations, which are a sign of quality. Grimms does not use any finishing coats, so some products may experience some initial color abrasion, but this is absolutely harmless.