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Fossils - experiment box

by Kosmos
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Experience the adventure of a prehistoric explorer and dig up real fossils yourself with this fascinating excavation set. Armed with a hammer and chisel, you carefully get to work and delve into the mysterious layers of plaster. Amazing treasures come to light: four fossils of animals such as a shark tooth, an ammonite, corals, snails and shells, as well as an impressive amber that was once tree resin.

The enclosed colored instructions are your companion on this exciting journey of discovery. It not only explains how you can dig successfully, but also provides extensive background knowledge about the fossils. Immerse yourself in the world of prehistoric times and learn more about these fascinating remnants of bygone times.

The excavation finds that you have put a lot of effort into uncovering will certainly cause admiration. Proudly present them to your astonished friends and family members who will be amazed by the impressive and attractive finds.

The excavation set is suitable for aspiring researchers aged 7 and over and contains everything you need to excavate real fossils and amber. The included tool helps you work precisely and safely.

Immerse yourself in the world of fossils and experience an exciting adventure as a prehistoric researcher. With this excavation set you can discover valuable treasures from the past yourself and gather a lot of knowledge in the process.

Product details:

Recommended age: from 7 years

Includes digging tools

Includes 4 animal fossils (shark tooth, ammonite, coral, snails and shells) as well as an amber