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Finger paints set of 4

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neogrün® finger paints are perfect fun for all ages, combining the freedom of unlimited play with safe sensory experience. Made from natural, renewable raw materials with safe plant and mineral pigments. The particularly creamy, drip-free consistency and extra-flat cups make neogrün® finger paints a special experience and are ideal for little artists.

Free from wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts, milk, fish and eggs.

Children discover the world of colors in their own way - often by getting paint all over themselves from finger to toe and by putting it in their mouths. That's why neogrün® finger paints are developed in such a way that unforgettable and safe painting is a given. neogrün® finger paints are made from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials and only contain mineral and vegetable pigments of food or cosmetic quality. The palette of mild natural colors promotes color perception at a young age through calm and focused sensory play.

In addition, our finger paints are independently tested and certified to meet strict ecological and vegan standards. This makes neogrün® finger paints the first certified and vegan natural product in this category.

The finger paints are easy to spread, water-soluble, dilutable and mixable with each other. The creamy consistency allows for drip-free painting pleasure and ensures a unique feeling on the skin. The colors can be used on paper, cardboard, glass, stone and many other surfaces, not just hands and feet. Brushes, sponges or stamps set no limits to unlimited fun.

The wet paints can be easily removed from most non-absorbent surfaces with a sponge. The natural colors may leave a slight stain on natural textiles. Protect sensitive surfaces from contact with the colors.

We recommend protecting the colors from light when not in use in order to preserve the luminosity of the vegetable dyes.

DANGER! Children under 3 years should be supervised by adults.


Water, organic corn starch, salt, purified chalk and clay, organic vegetable oil, humectants and thickeners of plant origin, mineral and vegetable pigments of cosmetic and food quality, preservative: phenoxyethanol <1%, bitter substance: denatonium benzoate

Made in Germany