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Sink ships for children aged 5 and over from Djeco

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21 x 17 x 6cm

A sea battle for the little ones with a simplified coding
(Whale/Blue instead of B3).

Age: from 5 years
Number of players: 2
Playing time: 10 minutes

Content of the game:
2 magnetic boards, 2 sets of 5 ships, 22 blue stones, 18 red stones, 16 model cards, 2 wooden bases.

Goal of the game:
Be the first to sink your opponent's ships.

Rules of the game:
The players place a magnetic board and a model card in front of them. The model card indicates the location of the ships that the opponent must figure out.
The blue and red stones and the ships remain in the box. Each player asks questions on their turn.
The youngest player starts.
Player A asks player B: “Whale/Blue?”, player B looks at his card and answers:
- Into the water? Player A places a blue stone on the whale/blue space and now it is player B's turn to ask a question.
- Met? Player A places a red stone on the Whale/Blue space and asks again for a coordinate.
- Hit, sunk? Player A places the ship that occupies 1 space or several spaces and has just been sunk on the Whale/Blue space and asks again for a coordinate.

Who wins?
The player who was the first to sink his opponent's 5 ships.