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Colorful beaded stairs

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A wonderful opportunity to help children understand the abstract world of numbers in the truest sense of the word. Here you can really feel and count every number with your hands. The eye can also determine the proportions of the numbers to one another based on the length of the resulting string of beads. The numbers building set (60310/60340), the figures for counting and telling (03070), the colorful beaded stairs (10234), the step counting sticks (42100), the numbers plug-in game (11061), and the 5 friends for arithmetic (10582) are colored and content are perfectly coordinated and complement each other wonderfully. The abstract world of numbers is made clear and understandable to children in a variety of playful ways. 55 colored wooden beads and cotton string in a cotton bag for threading and making 10 colored number bead strings. Wood: varnished maple. Dimensions: Beads diameter 2cm.
In the spirit of sustainable production , it is very important to Grimms to make customers understand that all products are unique pieces that bear unique traces of nature. The Made by nature seal is intended to raise awareness of the fact that natural products have different structures in the wood grain and color variations. These are a sign of quality and not a defect.
Since all Grimms items are glazed and no final top coat is used, some products may initially show some color abrasion, but this is absolutely harmless.