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Planet or Plastic? - - zauberhafte Kinderdinge

Planet or Plastic?

🌍🌱 Discover the fascinating exhibition at CoSA Graz by National Geographic: "Planet or Plastic?"

Plastic has become so ubiquitous that we often don't realize how dependent we have become on it. But it is precisely this awareness that the exhibition aims to create! The exhibition "Planet or Plastic?" by National Geographic at CoSA Graz deals with the global plastic waste crisis and at the same time shows us impressive solutions.

Dive into the history of plastic, from its discovery over a century ago to our mass consumption today. Plastic is undoubtedly practical and useful, but unfortunately a shocking amount of plastic products are still disposed of improperly - a staggering 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste remains unrecycled!

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the ocean surface to the seabed, plastic waste has spread throughout the oceans, leaving a devastating impact on our environment. But it's not too late to change something!

The exhibition urges us all to find a balance between the benefits of plastic and protecting our precious environment. Each of us can make a difference!

Let's raise awareness of this important issue together and support sustainable change. Visit the exhibition "Planet or Plastic?" - a heartwarming experience that concerns us all.

And a plastic-saving tip for the trip to the CoSA: pack drinks in drinking bottles, we definitely recommend the Klean Kanteen , in Pilzessin we have a huge selection of them both in Sporgasse and online.

Share this message and let's work together for a plastic-free future! 🌱🌊 #PlanetOrPlastic #Sustainability #Environmental Protection #NationalGeographic #CoSA #Mushroom

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