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Ordnung im Kinderzimmer – Tipps und Aufbewahrungslösungen für mehr Spielspaß - - zauberhafte Kinderdinge

Order in the children's room - tips and storage solutions for more fun

Hello dear parents,

Who doesn't know it: the children's room often resembles a real battlefield, and tidying up becomes a daily battle. But don't worry, we have good news for you! In this blog article we will show you effective tips and tricks on how to make tidying up with your children easier and how you can integrate this as a fixed part of your daily routine. We also present to you our high-quality storage solutions that not only make your children's room tidy, but also particularly child-friendly.

  1. Cleaning up together is fun:

Children learn through role models. If they see that you as parents also store your things neatly, they will be more motivated to do the same. Cleaning up together can become a fun ritual. Play your favorite music in the background and turn it into a little tidying challenge!

  1. Create structure:

Clear organization in the children's room is essential. Clear structures make it easier for the little ones to return their toys and belongings to the right place. Together with your child, think about how you can best divide and design the room.

  1. Storage solutions for more order:

To make tidying up even easier, we offer a wide selection of high-quality storage boxes and bags at . These are from well-known brands such as 3 Sprouts, Lässig, Play to Go and many others. They come in different colors and fun animal motifs so your child will love them.

  1. Structure your daily routine:

Integrate tidying into your daily routine. For example, before going to bed or before lunch, you and your child can tidy the room together. This way it becomes a habit that is not perceived as a chore.

  1. Introduce reward system:

A small reward system can work wonders to maintain motivation. Think with your child about what rewards they can receive for tidying up properly. It can be little things like playing a game together, a story before bed, or a trip to the park.

  1. Regular cleaning out:

Cleaning out regularly is important so as not to overfill the children's room with unnecessary toys. You can donate or give away well-preserved toys to make other children happy.

In summary: Organizing your child's room doesn't have to be stressful. With the right tips, shared activities and our practical storage solutions, you can make tidying up a fun and positive experience. Visit our online shop and discover the colorful variety of storage solutions from 3 Sprouts, Lässig, Play to Go and many more. Create a cozy and tidy environment for your little adventurers where they can feel comfortable and let their imagination run wild.

We hope you enjoy browsing and ordering!

Your Pilzessin team

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