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Wall sticker drops of Chispum

by Chispum
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€24,00 - €24,00
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The innovative Colorable wallpaper from Chispum works like a normal wallpaper. However, instead of attaching it to the wall with glue, you can attach it directly to it and it will stick! Applying is a clean and easy process. It is very easy to place and most importantly... you can remove it and put it back as many times as you want without damaging your walls! In addition, you can color it with paints, markers, etc. and turn a decorative element into an artistic activity.

High-quality, ultra-thin vinyl (0.001mm)

Adheres to almost all smooth, dry & clean surfaces: plastered & painted walls, wood, kitchen & bathroom tiles, stone & wooden floors, metal, glass etc.
Each wall sticker contains instructions and a small example sticker for practice.
Do not apply to wallpaper
Allow freshly painted walls to dry for a week before applying the wall sticker

Designed & produced in Barcelona