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Soft ruffle leggings

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Original price €29,00
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A wonderfully soft ruffle leggings with a cool light pink print. There's this ruffle on the back, great ruffles that still make the pants super soft. The material is there to cuddle with, it's fantastic on babies' skin. The print is a very delicate light pink. 100% cotton.

Munsterkids is an Australian children's fashion brand that, inspired by Mickey Munster and his sister Missie Munster, conveys a bit of punk and a bit of beach & surf feeling with every piece of clothing. Perfect for little troublemakers and pubescent teenagers. We at Pilzessin have included this brand in our program because my older son, who is just beginning puberty, thinks this brand is cool - and yes, I like it too. We have a great selection of this fashion for cool kids in our Pilzessin children's store in Graz and also online at