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Chess set from Djeco

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6-99 years
for 2 players
Playing time: approx. 20 minutes

Strategy game:
The player develops a strategy to thwart his opponent's plans and thus win the game.
The game is played on a chessboard with 64 alternating light and dark squares.
Attention: Set up the chessboard so that each player has a bright field in the bottom right corner.
Each player has 16 pieces: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks and
8 pawns set up at the start of the game as shown in the drawing above.
Attention: The queens are always placed on a square of their own color and face each other
accordingly on the chessboard opposite.

Goal of the game:
Capturing the opponent's king: "checkmate" him. set.
Course of the game
A draw is drawn to see who takes the white stones. White starts. Pulling is mandatory, you can't
fit. The players take turns drawing one of their figures.
? Drawing the figures (see illustrations at the beginning of this booklet).
A piece may never jump over another piece (exceptions apply to the knight).
The KING is the most important figure in the game. If he is “caught”, the game is lost!
The king can only be moved one space further in any direction.
There is a special move for him: castling.
? When castling, the king and rook can move at the same time under the following conditions
be moved:
- Neither the king nor the rook may have been moved during the game so far.
- There can be no figure between them.
- The king is not allowed to be in check.

The QUEEN can be moved to any number of squares in any direction.
She is the strongest character in the game.
The TOWER can be moved any number of spaces vertically and horizontally.
The RUNNER is moved diagonally to any number of squares.
The KNOW moves three spaces: one or two spaces horizontally (or vertically) and then
at right angles to it. It is also said that it looks like an ?L? pulls.
The knight is the only piece that can jump over other pieces.
The FARMER: He always moves forward one space and can never move back.
- On his first move he can advance two spaces.
- When he reaches the last row of the chessboard, he can choose to move to any other row
Transform a figure of its color (except into a king).
? The beating
A piece is removed from the game when one of the opponent's pieces sits on the field
which this stood. Except for the pawn, the pieces capture in the direction in which they are moving. The pawn captures diagonally forward.
? The king is in check when he is in a position where he is surrounded by an opponent's piece
can be beaten. The opposing player then says ?Check? at. (The king is not allowed in
be left in check.)
The king is checkmated:
- when he can no longer move without being in check again
- if the player cannot place a stone between the king and the piece that is holding him in check
- if the player cannot capture the piece holding the king in check
Who wins? When a player puts the opponent's king in a position where he checkmates
is, he says ?checkmate!? and wins the game.
A chess game can also end in a draw:
- if a player is ?stalemate? is, which means that although he is not in check, he no longer has a move
can do without his king being put in check
- in continuous chess
- when the same position is repeated three times on the chessboard
- if the players no longer have enough pieces to checkmate the opponent
- 50 moves were played without capturing and without moving a pawn

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