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Classic Basic 500

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PlayMais® . A bucket full of creativity! PlayMais ® promotes creativity and helps little hands create fantastic things. No glue required, all you need is some water and your imagination. PlayMais ® is made from corn, water and food coloring. This makes PlayMais ® natural, safe and 100% biodegradable. This bucket contains more than 500 PlayMais ® , suggestions and all the accessories to grow your fantastic world.

Easy to take with you anywhere. PlayMais ® in practical, resealable buckets. Each with colored instructions and accessories.


  • more than 500 colored PlayMais®
  • Accessories and instructions

Recommended age: from 3 years
PlayMais® for approx. 5 hours of crafting fun

Sustainable crafts for children with PlayMais

But what is PlayMais actually?

PlayMais are small corn building blocks that can be stuck together with a little water to form all sorts of figures and scenery. And the best thing about it: The small corn building blocks are 100% biodegradable and therefore have no impact on the environment. It was not for nothing that PlayMais was nominated for the German Brand Award in the categories “Excellent Brand in Kids & Toys and Sustainable Toys”. Because being creative and playing sustainably is something very valuable. Not least because this way we can explain to our children what sustainability actually means while they are playing. Children often understand things better than we might think.