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Paper napkins dots yellow from Krima & Isa

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Wonderful napkins with yellow dots! One package contains 20 three-layer paper napkins measuring 33 x 33cm. Made of chlorine-free bleached paper with water-soluble paint, FSC certified, biodegradable, made in Poland.

Krima & Isa were involved in the decision to launch the Pilzessin. Everyday stationery so beautifully made, I would love to fill my entire desk with just these beautiful products. Simplicity and long-forgotten prints, cheerful colors and a minimal playfulness. The mushroom eater loves Krima & Isa.

Krima & Isa wants to surprise with little refinements and always offers something new. What began over 10 years ago with a few illustrations in a small presentation folder while studying graphic design has now developed into a comprehensive range and a small family business. Together with a team of 10, Kristina Marquardt creates and develops krima & isa products and controls sales together with her brother. The headquarters of krima & isa are in an old print shop building in Hamburg's old town. This is exactly where the inspiration for the colorful dots, stars, patterns and funny animals is always found. There in this krima & isa world everything is of course particularly colorful, beautiful and creative. A special atmosphere, a mixture of corner shops and Alice in Wonderland, can be found in every krima & isa product. The mushroom eater loves Krima & Isa.

The krima & isa range consists of wrapping paper, gift bags, gift bags, greeting cards, school entry cards, Easter cards, Christmas cards, birth cards, baptism greeting cards, napkins, colorful envelopes with labels, school bags, notebooks, folders, pencils, picture books and more You can find much more from Krima & isa in the Pilzessin baby and children's shop in Graz and online at