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Teether monkey in yellow ♥

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⋙ Matchstick Monkey teether monkey yellow ♥

The funniest of all teethers also looks absolutely cool. The teething ring from Matchstick Monkey at Pilzessin, which is made of 100% silicone , provides soothing pain relief when teething .

The handles make it easy for small children's hands to hold the trendy teething ring - for example after it has been brought to a cooling temperature in the fridge or freezer .

Our funny teething aid has nubs on the head that provide a massage effect and are shaped like a toothbrush so that the child can get used to the feeling of the brush in the mouth. If you want, you can also apply teething gel to the nubs.
To clean the teether, simply wash it under running water, put it in the dishwasher and sterilize it from time to time in boiling water or sterilizer.
With its size of approx. 11 x 8 cm, it also fits in every bag.

When the baby starts teething we need him:


Most babies start teething at around 4 months, the teeth come in and it doesn't take long until we can feel and soon see the first tooth. Most babies' first tooth appears between 6 and 9 months of age, but this varies from baby to baby. There are also early starters and late bloomers when it comes to teething. This says nothing about a baby's level of development. However, the order in which the teeth erupt is the same for almost everyone.


Teething is painful and often very stressful, not only for the baby but also for the parents. The baby has or is salivating heavily, the gums are red and this is often accompanied by restless sleep, whining, diarrhea and sometimes even a slightly elevated temperature. You can make teething easier for your baby with the teething rings and teething aids we have selected at Pilzessin. Our Matchstick Monkeys are funny monkeys that you put in the fridge before use to provide better pain relief in baby's mouth. Cold works very well on inflamed gums. The teether is designed to fit comfortably in baby's hand and he can put it in his mouth and rub it. Our teething rings not only make teething easier but are also great toys.


The teething ring and the teething aid are part of the basic equipment for babies. Just like pacifiers, pacifier straps, bibs, bottles, the first toothbrushes, diapers, bibs and the like.

By the way, I also use the teething aid and the teether myself. I always have a chilled Matchstick Monkey, the funny monkey, in at least 2 different colors, in my fridge. It is a unique gift for a baby visit. And my Matchstick Monkey is not only a joy for the baby, but also for the parents.