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Painting set for little Monets

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Discover the DoddleBrush for Art Attachment Set - the perfect solution for anyone who loves sparkling creativity but wants less chaos at home. With this set you can create your own mini Monet!

The DoddleBrush can be easily screwed onto your DoddleBag and allows your children to have fun painting, gluing and designing without making a huge mess. The set contains 4 brushes that are perfect for different painting techniques, as well as a doddle case to store the brushes cleanly and safely.

The DoddleBrush also allows you to save unused glue and paint for next time. No unnecessary waste and less chaos means more smiling faces and happy crafting hours.

The DoddleBags not only impress with their colorful design, but are also practical and versatile. Once they are no longer needed for baby food, they can be used for poster paint or glue thanks to the addition of the DoddleBrush. This means endless creative fun awaits you.

All of our bags are BPA, phthalate and PVC free. They are reusable, recyclable and leak-proof. Thanks to their transparent side, they are easy to fill and offer easy measurement. They are dishwasher and hot water safe as well as freezer and lunch box safe. They are easy to hold for both small children and adults and offer hygienic and safe storage options.

Bring the artists in your family to life with the DoddleBrush for Art Attachment Set and enjoy craft time together without the usual hassle. Order today and let your creativity run wild!