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Coloring book from Design Letters

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With the AJ coloring book from Design Letters, children learn the alphabet in a playful way. The coloring book has an ABC letter on each page, which can be colored and decorated with colored pencils.

The letters to be colored - from A for apple to Z for lemon - were written by Arne Jacobsen . The Danish designer originally designed the typography for the signage of Aarhus Town Hall in Denmark. The letters, characters and numbers now adorn various home accessories , writing utensils and textiles from Design Letters. The shapely letters are not just for decoration, children learn the alphabet in a playful way on coloring books, colored pencils, bed linen , etc.

The Design Letters coloring book offers space for your own drawings and ideas. Children can draw their own picture for each letter and then hang it on the wall. The coloring book can be easily hung on a thumbtack or nail using its loop. But individual pages can also be specifically displayed. With the perforated edge, the coloring book pages can be easily removed and presented in a frame, with a magnet on the refrigerator or on the pin board .