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Piano dotted large

by Janod
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Wooden toys. Wooden piano/grand piano from Janod near Pilzessin. For children aged 3 to 8 years. Functional piano with multiple keys for playing melodies. Confetti, this is the child-friendly music series from Janod, in a colorful design with the popular confetti look with colorful dots. The Confetti music collection stimulates the senses and enables little musicians to playfully operate the instruments and get to know the different tones. The ear is trained and the enjoyment of one's own melodies and improvisations is encouraged. 40 x 34 x 31cm.

The Janod brand is a French brand that stands for toys and games made of wood and cardboard in a unique design. Janod has always known how to adapt to the expectations of children as they discover and experience them, as well as the memories of parents as they remember their own childhood. Janod was founded in 1970 by Louis Janod and lives with the philosophy of offering children the opportunity to forget time and space and to make children dream.