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Eating spoon for right-handed people from Kzingo in purple

by Kizingo
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So that the first independent meal can be successfully transported to you, we recommend the kizingo eating spoon. The specially developed design gives the spoon exactly the shape that encourages little hands. The colorful spoons are suitable for all meals as well as for snacks in between. By grasping the food easily and making it easier to transport, the eating ritual becomes a playful experience. But the most important thing is that children learn to eat consciously and independently with the kizingo spoon.

Features of the Kizingo kids spoon:

  • Ergonomically designed shape for small hands
  • Promotes engagement with food
  • Available in casual, fresh colors
  • Product is produced in the USA
  • BPA free and phthalate free
  • Suitable for enjoyable meals

The first bites with your own spoon

Do you remember what it was like the first time you ate clams or lobster? You first have to be shown how to handle the cutlery. Not to mention table manners in a restaurant. And how much greater is the challenge for your child to eat politely at the table with their adults? Of course, you are also the best role model for your child when it comes to eating. You should keep this in mind if you can't even think about your child being able to handle their own spoon. Ideally, eating is an affair for the whole family and should not be done in a hurry. In everyday life, of course, it is not possible for all family members to always sit at the table at the same time. But the more often, the better.

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Take matters into your own hands

The baby has its first experience with a spoon when you feed it with porridge. Before long, it will want to snatch this interesting toy out of your hand.

Simply give him his own spoon to play with, perhaps the Kizingo learning spoon - and you will get your child used to this cutlery in a playful way at an early age. From around 15-16 months, you can try to get your child to eat their own food with a spoon. There are many things you can do to make this step easier for your child and yourself:

  • Serve the food in dishes with high rims. This makes it easier to put the food on the spoon.
  • Make sure the food has the right consistency – not too hard and not too runny.
  • To begin with, you should give your child a spoon made of bamboo, plastic, but not metal. At the very beginning, metal cutlery is unpleasantly cold in the mouth.
  • At the beginning, help by guiding your child's hand. Don't worry, it learns quickly.
  • At Pilzessin we offer a wide selection of cutlery in all sorts of colors and with fun motifs. The main thing is that the spoon (and later the other cutlery) is easy to grip.
  • Choose the right cutlery for your child. It doesn't necessarily have to be a whole set of cutlery; at the beginning, a spoon is enough for those learning to eat. The spoon should be easy to grip and fit in your mouth. A little later you should definitely give your child a full set of cutlery.
  • Be patient. Especially in the beginning, something is guaranteed to go wrong and the preparation, i.e. cleaning, after eating takes longer than cooking.
  • Why eat with spoons when it's much easier with your fingers? Many children ask themselves this question when they start eating with a spoon. And then they start muddling around in the pulp with their little fingers. Don't panic, but keep reminding yourself that the spoon is actually the tool of choice.

Basically, of course, the following always applies: no master has yet fallen from heaven. Time, understanding and nerves are required.

The Kizingo brand was founded by two mothers from Carolina in the USA. The two friends were both passionate nutritionists. When they met by chance years later, both were mothers of healthy children and their purpose in life had completely changed. But both still had the same thoughts and ideas and so the two mothers founded the Kizingo brand. At this point, the product of the same name, the Kizingo spoon, was born. Kizingo stands for an ergonomic aid for the first meals.

Thanks to the specially manufactured shape, the youngest gold treasure learns to eat food in a pleasant way with the Kizingo spoon. Thanks to the adapted handle for small hands, it is extremely comfortable to transport the meal. There are special spoons for left- or right-handed people. With this eating tool, every meal becomes an absolute highlight. Kizingo products are 100% produced in the USA and without BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, latex and phthalate.

Anyone who has tried the Kizingo spoon will definitely love it! You can find many different colors of the Kizingo eating spoon in the Pilzessin in Graz and also in our baby and children's online shop at