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Set of 3 Crazy glitter pens

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Supersticks Crazy 6 glitter colors

Supersticks Crazy 6 glitter colors - that's twice as much glittery painting fun with just 3 colored pencils! Each colored pencil paints in two colors. This makes drawings and decorations even better! JOLLY 's colored pencils are child-safe and shatterproof - perfect for sparkling coloring fun. The colors look particularly good on dark paper! The hexagonal pen shape guarantees that the pen fits comfortably in the hand.

  • 2 colors in one pen
  • Thick core mine
  • break-proof
  • reinforced wooden casing
  • particularly rich color
  • long-lasting painting fun

The stable lead of the colored pencils is 3.8 mm thick!

The rich colors of the colored pencils ensure particularly colorful drawings and bright children's eyes!

The pack of 3 Supersticks Crazy contains colored pencils in the following 6 colours:

  • gold Silver
  • metallic red gold / metallic green
  • metallic violet / metallic blue