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Grow Crystals

by Kosmos
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Bring the sparkling secret of crystals to life with the KOSMOS “Growing crystals” experiment set. In beautiful colors such as blue, red and yellow, the most beautiful crystals in different shapes will soon glitter in the children's room. A magical experience that offers children aged 10 and over a first insight into the fascinating world of chemistry.

With this experiment set, children can grow unique crystals in a playful way. All you need are the included crystal salts, water and color. The colored instructions explain step by step how to use the pipette etc. correctly and show exactly how the crystal salts are dissolved. Within a few days, small and large individual pieces are created that sparkle in the magical colors.

The transparent treasure chest offers the perfect presentation option for the most beautiful crystals. The different shapes and colors will delight children and their friends alike. At the same time, you will learn more about crystals and how they are used in our everyday lives in exciting additional information.

The experiment kit contains everything needed for crystal growing, including instructions, two packets of alum, measuring cups, pipette, dye tablets, a treasure chest and a wooden spatula. The multilingual instructions (D, EN, F, IT, ES, NL) enable the experiments to be carried out in a simple and understandable manner.

Please note that this experiment set is suitable for children aged 10 and over. It should be used under adult supervision as it contains a chemical that may pose a health hazard. Read the instructions carefully before use and keep them ready for further use. It is recommended to avoid contact with the chemical and to keep small children and animals away when experimenting. Keep the experiment kit out of the reach of children under 10 years and keep the packaging and instructions as they contain important information.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of crystals with the KOSMOS “Growing crystals” experiment set. A creative and fascinating play and experiment experience for curious children aged 10 and over.