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Goodnightlight Dino Roar pink

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 A lamp with a WOW effect
- this is the cool 'DinoROAR!' Pink lamp
Goodnight Light's design workshop based on a design by the British
Artist's brand Newton, which distances itself from the dinosaur cult
inspired by the 1950s. If the LED light is made by hand
Lamp shines, revealed
the T-Rex in all its glory: all of them
Details of the carefully structured vinyl surface
stand out more clearly

Plasticity stands out, the depressions shine subtly and the thicker material
Increases gently attenuate the light. This creates an almost dramatic effect,
which turns this extraordinary accessory into a true visual highlight
The durable vinyl does not heat up, so little fingers are welcome to use it too
touch the luminous state and explore with curiosity. A burning time of
Around 50,000 hours also ensures a long time with the integrated LED light
Durability - and many adventurous hours in the children's room for little ones
big dinosaur fans.
Handmade in Spain, CE certified
Incl. LED light; 12V; 2.5 watts; does not heat up
Material: vinyl
Dimensions: 28 x 34 x 25 cm
LED lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.