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Djeco Mosquito at Pilzessin

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21.5 x 21.5 x 3.4cm

From 4 years
2 to 4 players

48 cards (16 mosquitoes, 16 bees, 16 apples). 7 playing figures (4 bees, 1 mosquito, 1 flower, 1 apple). 25 ladybug chips

Goal of the game:
Win the largest number of ladybug chips.

Rules of the game:
All cards are dealt to the players. Without looking at the cards, the players place them in a pile in front of them.

The flower, mosquito and apple are placed in the middle. Everyone gets 1 bee and a ladybug chip, which they place within hand reach.
The players all reveal the top card of their deck at the same time.

1- If 2 or more players reveal a mosquito card, then only the affected players must hit the mosquito.
2- If 2 or more players reveal a bee card, then only those players concerned must place their bee on the flower.
3- If 2 or more players reveal an apple card, all players must try to grab the apple.
4- If everyone reveals a different card, nothing happens.
The fastest person gets a ladybug chip.
The person who acts inappropriately must return a ladybug chip if they have any.
You can only play with one hand, the one that reveals the cards. The cards that have already been revealed are put aside. Players start over and continue the game equally.

The game ends when there are no cards left. The players add up the ladybug chips they have won.

In a round with 4 players, it may happen that more than one action has to be carried out, for example if 2 mosquitoes and 2 bees or 2 apples and two bees are revealed, etc. Then all players are involved and have to carry out their respective actions, whereby only the two fastest players win a ladybug chip.