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Magnetic drawing tablet from Djeco

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With magnets (not included) you can tell stories or simply attach notes. A strap on the top allows it to be easily attached to the wall. Whether for little artists ages 3 and up or school children, Tablo is a real all-rounder!

This magnetic board is suitable for all wooden magnetic games (such as Coucou, Belty or Tablo). It can also be painted with the included water-soluble colored pencils and erased with a sponge if necessary. Contents: 1 magnetic writing board, 4 pens (water-soluble), 1 wiping sponge

Board dimensions: 37.5 x 28.2 x 1 cm
Packaging dimensions: 41.8 x 30.5 x 3 cm
Age: from 3 years

Djeco – This is the story of a family business that is committed to creativity, courage and passion. In the Djeco family, all honor goes to mother Veronique. She founded her small business in 1954, at a time when few women were embarking on such an adventure. The Djeco games refer to the gecko, the little lucky charm lizard, and are both beautiful and intelligent and promote knowledge. They had a lot of success and were awarded four toy Oscars in the 1960s. The family business was then almost forgotten, but was brought back to life in 1989 by their son Frederic. In 1997, with artistic sensitivity, he created an educational toy collection consisting of wooden puzzles, wooden toys, cardboard puzzles and card and board games. In 2007, creative craft sets were added, and in 2011 the Arty Toys figures were launched. Djeco not only focuses on the learning effect in all of its games, but also on graphics, design and aesthetics. Djeco ushers in a new era of gaming. We have a huge selection of Djeco games in our shops in Pilzessin in Graz and online at - because we love Djeco and think that children simply don't play enough these days.