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Djeco Lezard Domino at Pilzessin

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Age: 5-99 years
Number of players: 2 to 4
Playing time: 20 minutes

1 game board, 60 dominoes, 44 cards
(40 colored cards and 4 lizard cards), 4 lizards.
Goal of the game:
Get rid of all of your dominoes or get rid of all of your dominoes in one go? to knock over.
Preparation of the game:
The game board is placed in the middle of the table.
- If there are 2 players, everyone gets 2 lizards and 30 dominoes.
- If there are 3 players, everyone gets 1 lizard and 15 dominoes. The last lizard and the
15 remaining dominoes are removed from the game. Also the lizard card
with the color of the lizard removed is set aside.
- If there are 4 players, everyone gets 1 lizard and 15 dominoes.
Each player places their lizard(s) in front of them so that they are visible to everyone
The youngest player starts the game, then the game is played clockwise.
He draws a card and carries out the action shown on the card.
The player can draw the following cards:
- 1 colored card representing 1 color field: The player places a domino
perpendicular to a color field on the game board that corresponds to the color of the card.
- 1 colored card representing 2 color fields: the player places one of each
Domino perpendicular to two color squares that match the colors of the card.
Attention: The dominoes must be placed on the free space (of the specified color).
the one closest to the lizard's head on the game board. (Consequently
the dominoes do not necessarily fill in the fields in the order).

Note 1: If the player places an or when setting up a domino
If you knock over several dominoes, your turn is over. He takes the fallen ones
Dominoes themselves, and it's the next player's turn.
- 1 lizard card in a different color than the lizard(s) in front of it:
The player tries to tap the domino that is furthest from the domino
lizard head is away from the game board to knock over as many dominoes as possible.
All fallen dominoes are then given to the players as follows
distributed: The player first gives the card to the player who has the lizard
has 4 dominoes in front of him of the same color as the card that was turned over