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Djeco Bizzzzz at Pilzessin

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Strategy and gambling. No more flowers to make honey... Which bees will bring their prey to the flower hive the fastest? The "SuperBees" make progress more easily, but be careful: the spiders can keep the bees at bay until the end of the game.

21.5 x 21.5 x 3cm


Ages: 7-12
Number of players: 2
Contents: 1 game board + 1 dice + 31 cards (10 bees, 12 flowers, 5 ?x2? flowers, 4 spiders).
Aim of the game: be the first player to collect 8 “flower” cards and his bees
bring back to your own color range.
Preparation for the game: The game board is placed in the middle of the table. The 5 red ones and the
5 blue bees are placed on the playing fields of the same color. The 21 others
Cards are shuffled and face down with the ?geometric flowers? up
distributed across the light green spaces on the game board.
How the game works: The youngest player starts and rolls the dice first. He moves one of his bees
Forward in a straight line by as many spaces as there are pips on the die.
Note 1: All spaces in its path must be free. Example: If the player
If he has rolled a 5 and there is a card on the 3rd space, he cannot go in that direction

- If the player takes his turn on a
Field lands on which one of his bees is located
he places his second bee on top of it, thus forming a “super bee”. The
What’s special about this “super bee” is, that you
change direction on their trains

If the space he lands on has a card with a ?geometric flower? is, the player reveals this card. Shows the map...
- a flower, the player takes the card and places his bee on the vacant space. Now it is the next player's turn with the dice.
- a ?x2? flower, the player takes the card (it counts as one
flower won), places his bee on the vacant space, rolls the dice again and takes another turn.

- a spider, so the bee is blocked by the spider. In this case, the two cards are placed on top of each other with the spider facing up
placed on the field and remain there until the end of the game.

Clue 2: a ?super bee? remains a “super bee” throughout the game, but can be blocked by a spider. In this case, all three cards (spider facing up) are placed on top of each other on the field and remain there until the end of the game.

End of Game: When a player has collected 8 "Flower" cards, he must return all of his bees (except those blocked by spiders) to his color area. If he did that, he won the game.