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Sink friends

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Each player receives a page of the A5 pad and places it in front of them. Place the XXL anti-cheating standee between you. Then agree on which names (and therefore friends) you want to sink. Whoever sinks all of their friends first wins. But be careful! There are exciting special fields and rules that can quickly turn the game around. This means it stays exciting until the bitter end. FRIENDSHIP is a great, entertaining and communicative pastime for children and adults who are young at heart.

When the drinking game "klattschen" was born out of a crazy idea in 2012, it was not even up for discussion for the two creative minds and friends Denis Görz and Ricardo Barreto that board and family games with wit and humor and always a good portion of mischievous self-irony were a business concept would be.

But the success of her first bestseller itself, which can now be purchased both online and in retail stores, set the course. And so the two “THINKING GIANTS” Denis and Ricardo, themselves Homines invited, created additional games for similar users in a playful way.

The two of them combined the characteristic of Homo ludens, which is attributed to humans, that of the person who plays, with the transfer of knowledge and socially beneficial communication: an integration and constellation that is now also becoming more interesting for companies from the aspect of “gaming”.

In the meantime, the authors and creators are supported by a creative team in development and implementation. The company “DENKRIESEN” has set itself the task of developing games that take up current social trends and process them in a playful way in a timely manner.
Contrary to isolating trends regarding players, such as the use of mobile phones or computer games, »DENKRIESEN« focuses on the aspect of the game that was believed to be dead: the binding and connecting communicative cooperation and opposition and this in competition. In order to remove the rat tail of antiquated language from the games, »DENKRIESEN« uses what we call an uninhibited form of communication: language in its current form of expression, but without coming across as clumsy, abusive or grammatically incorrect. »DENKRIESEN« is always at eye level with the players.

There are currently new developments with the children target group “in the pipeline”.

Some of the games, such as “tippsy” or “SUPER SMART BLOCKHEAD” are already available in other languages ​​and have also successfully continued the career they began here.