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Xplorer Habitat printed pink by Bobux at Pilzessin

by Bobux
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Original price €49,95
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Buy the innovation from the BOBUX brand online here at Pilzessin. All models in the Play series have been specially adapted to the needs of growing children who do not want to be hindered by heavy shoes in their daily playing, climbing and jumping. Heavy shoes limit coordination. That's why lightness and flexibility are of great importance in the new Step-Up series from BOBUX. The Velcro fastener makes it easy to put on and take off and provides a secure hold. The soft sole adapts perfectly to growth thanks to the proven flex zones. All BOBUX models have been adapted to the anatomy of children's feet and are the ideal children's shoes for the first years of life.

  • Color orange and silver speckled/gray and black
  • Weight 32 grams
  • Leather/textile upper
  • EVA sole
  • Cap polyester micro textile
  • Inner material polyester micro fiber textile

For almost 30 years, Bobux has been making the world's best shoes for little explorers, accompanying them as they leave their footprints on the earth.

In the early 1990s, Bobux founders Chris and Colleen Bennett were looking for shoes for their daughter Chloe. Like many parents, you want the best for your baby, but your search for shoes made specifically for baby feet has been unsuccessful. So Chris went into the garage with leather and suede and created the first pair of soft soles. Bobux was born in 1991, based on the idea of ​​producing shoes that support natural movement for growing feet. This one shoe sparked a wave of innovation and adventure, but it all started with the original Bobux Soft Sole. Today, 30 years later, Bobux makes hundreds of different shoes for every stage of growth for babies and children. Bobux shoes accompany every adventure as babies learn to crawl and walk, play, dance and explore the world. The Bobux founders knew from the start that they needed a deep understanding of children's foot health in order to create the most comfortable children's shoes, because children grow and develop constantly from birth. So to make shoes that kids loved, they had to understand how they moved, grew, and developed. Podiatrists and researchers stood by Bobux throughout production to support development. We believe that there is no other children's shoe company that cares as much about foot health as Bobux. 30 years later, Bobux still makes the best children's shoes in the world, designed in Auckland, New Zealand and delivered to over 40 countries around the world. Daughter Chloe now has children of her own who proudly wear their own Bobux soft soles. And Chris and Colleen have never lost sight of their original goal: to make the best shoes in the world for babies and children.

At Bobux, everything is based on the core philosophy: making the best shoes in the world for babies and children. For children to grow, develop and discover the world around them. This philosophy drives us to continually improve everything in terms of design, craftsmanship, understanding of foot health and every other part of the business.

With 30 years of experience, Bobux has always developed and always learned. Learned and evolved to make the best shoes for all children from infants and toddlers, from preschool to school.

The design of Bobux

Bobux designs shoes for the specific shape of children's feet, for the way children move, for the best-fitting children's shoes in the world. At every stage and for every age, making the best children's shoes in the world starts with great design.

The shoe design starts with the sole, is designed with the child's freedom of movement in mind and is perfectly adapted to the feet. Materials are carefully selected to protect the child's feet and give them the freedom to grow and explore the world - all starting from the sole. As with adult shoes, children's shoes must also be comfortable and protect their feet as much as possible. Bobux's design philosophy begins with a deep understanding of what comfort means. Every single shoe at Bobux was developed for the shape of children's feet and made from flexible materials. The reasons why Bobux makes the best shoes in the world for children, what defines Bobux shoes, can be found in the key elements that are extremely important for a comfortable shoe: flexibility, adjustability, breathability, weight and fit. That's why Bobux are shaped like children's feet, made of flexible, breathable leather and lightweight knitwear, and have closures that make them easy to wear and adjust. Shoes for kids also need to be durable and with Bobux that's a given, they can withstand all the crazy things kids do to them.

How do you buy children's shoes?

First you should check whether both feet of the child are the same size. Don't laugh, it happens more often than you think and is completely normal. So take off your socks or tights, place your child on a piece of paper and then draw their feet. Then add another 1 to 1.5 cm to the length of the painted footprint, cut it out and measure it. If the feet are different lengths, please use the larger impression. If you want to come to Pilzessin without the children to choose shoes, please be sure to take this print with you! If you would like to order the shoes in our online shop at , send us a scan of this drawing and email us the dimensions.

We in the Pilzessin think that we older children also definitely need these wonderful Bobux. But, we have so many in our baby and children's shop Pilzessin in Graz that we can at least look at them and demonstrate them! In our small, regional Styrian online shop we also have a huge selection of Bobux from babies to school children.