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Storage box dragon from 3 Sprouts

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The storage boxes from 3Sprouts provide additional storage space in every room and help to keep things tidy. Thanks to the cardboard-reinforced walls, they stand freely in the room and the simple folding technique allows them to be folded flat when not in use. Thanks to their square shape, they fit on many standard shelves and become an eye-catcher in any room. Dimensions: 33 cm high x 33 cm wide x 33 cm deep. The boxes from 3 Sprouts are made of 100% polyester on the outside and have a polyester felt application; Inside the boxes are made of 100% cardboard. The outside of the 3 Sprouts boxes can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The Canadian brand 3 Sprouts stands for stylish and functional children's and baby items. Most of the products from this brand are real organizers. They eliminate the chaos in the children's room and in the stroller. The Canadian brand was launched in 2007 by 3 friends. The founders of the brand share a love for babies and children as well as a sense of unique, modern product design. With their humorous designs, the products from 3 Sprouts provide storage and organization accessories to combat chaos in the children's room. There is a nice selection available for you in the Pilzessin in Graz and in Gleisdorf, and there are also some products from the great brand online at