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Balancing Cactus

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What makes this product special?
In a small, stylish box lies a small, stylish balancing game.
Place “arms” on the cactus – without it tipping over. A tweezer grip and a surgically steady hand make a big difference here.
The whole family can play – regardless of age. Although it says on the package that you can play alone or in pairs, you can easily play in teams if there are several of you - or if you want to organize a mini-tournament.
Play with! Because in this way you, like your child, strengthen fine motor skills, coordination skills, logical thinking and concentration.
Material: 100% sustainable rubber wood and water-based color pigment - produced in an environmentally friendly manner.
Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.4 cm.
Age: From three years

A greener choice
This toy is made from wood from sustainable forestry and is awarded FSC, PEFC or other internationally recognized sustainability certificates. These guarantee certain criteria when extracting wood, for example that felled trees are replaced by newly planted ones. The certificates mean that the wood used can be traced back to the forest where the tree was felled. In this way, you as a consumer have a guarantee that wood production is ecologically, economically and socially responsible.
Produced with a focus on social responsibility, which guarantees that the manufacturer makes a special and documented commitment to improve the working and living conditions of employees.
The manufacturer has provided climate compensation for this product.
The choice of packaging for this product meant that the impact on the climate was as little as possible. The producer may have used various options for this: the packaging was chosen to use less or no plastic, a sustainable packaging material or recycled cardboard was used, they printed with vegetable inks or ensured a low packaging volume by reducing air in the package. We would like to highlight this active commitment to more sustainable packaging.