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Pokerdice - the betting game from Djeco at Pilzessin

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After rolling the dice, players bet on a possible combination. But only the first person to roll the dice decides which dice can be rolled again! A betting game for experienced bluffers.
An ingenious game that promises a lot of fun.

For 2-5 players
Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 x 3 cm
Playing time: approx. 20 min
Age: from 8 years

5 dice, 50 cards: 5 sets of 10 handicap cards.

Goal of the game:
Win the most points with dice combinations.

Preparation of the game:
Each player takes a set of 10 cards in the color of their choice.
The youngest player is determined as the active player in the first round,
then in the 2nd round his left neighbor takes over the role
and so forth.

The active player rolls all 5 dice.
Each player looks at the results of their dice and chooses secretly
one of his handicap cards that have not yet been played and places it
with the specifications page hidden in front of you.
When all players have chosen their card, the active player covers,
and only he, his handicap card.
The active player can now decide whether to continue rolling the entire set of dice again or only part of the 5 dice
wants to do it twice in a row (he is not forced to:
He can stop rolling the dice, roll again or twice and be free
choose which and how many dice he wants to continue rolling).
If the active player decides to stop rolling the dice, his dice result is
Now the other players reveal their handicap card and all players
check whether your target has been achieved.
? When a player (whether he is an active player or not) reaches his target
he wins his card and places it face down
upwards in front of you. He wins as many points as on the card
are specified.
? If the active player has not reached his target, he loses
his card and it is permanently removed from the game.
? If another player has not reached his target, he wins
the active player takes that player's card and places it with the
Back face up to the cards you have won. This card brings
Award him 1 point as indicated on the back of the card.

Note 1: The joker handicap wins regardless of the dice result
automatically the active player.

Note 2: If you can do more, you can also do less?!. This applies e.g. b.
if a player can meet his pair requirement even if he
got a triple on the last roll of the dice. The same applies
certain other requirements.

End of the game:
When all game rounds have ended, each player counts his points: He
adds the points on the handicap cards won and 1 point per
Card he won from the other players. The player with
the most points won.
In case of a tie, the last active player is the winner.

Note 3: If fewer than 5 players play, the remaining cards become handicap cards
removed from the game.
Strategic variant for 2 players: Each player takes two sets of cards
and plays 2 cards on each game round.

A game by Alain Brobecker and François Petit

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