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Skill game Glisse Glace

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Game of skill

Age: 6-12 years
Number of players: 2 to 5
Playing time: 20 minutes

Under the watchful eye of their dads, the little penguins play “ice slides” on the icebergs.
But be careful not to fall into the water!
8 large ice floes, 1 small ice floe, 3 icebergs, 3 daddy penguins, 4 baby penguins, 8 "daddy is mad" tokens, 24 baby penguin tokens (6 per color), 5 totem tokens.

Goal of the game:
Score the most winning points by shooting your ice floes.
Preparation of the game:
The icebergs are placed in a triangle in the middle of the table; they form the boundaries of the playing area. There is a daddy penguin for every iceberg.
3 large ice floes and the small ice floe are placed in the middle of the playing area, then a baby penguin is placed on each of these 4 ice floes.
Each player takes one of the remaining large ice floes and a totem token.
Note: If there are fewer than 5 players, the unused totems and large ice floes are set aside.
The tokens are shuffled with the score side face down and then combined into a stack of "Daddy is Mad" tokens and 4 stacks of baby penguins (one for each color).

Players play one after the other in a clockwise direction. The youngest player starts.
The player whose turn it is takes his ice floe and places it anywhere outside the playing field, (at least) 20 cm away from the baby penguins. Then he nudges the ice floe, trying to get it as close as possible to the ice floes with the baby penguins.
After this shot, several situations can arise:
- The player's ice floe is close enough to an ice floe on which a baby penguin is standing so that it can slide from its ice floe onto the player's ice floe without falling.
In this case, the player lets the penguin slide onto the ice floe that was just played and takes the ice floe that the penguin was previously standing on.
The next time it is his turn, he uses this new ice floe by placing it outside the playing area, as he did at the beginning of the game.

- If the penguin stood on a large ice floe, the player wins a token in the color of the baby he acquired.
- If the penguin was standing on a small ice floe, the player wins two tokens in the color of the baby he acquired.

- The ice floe is too far away from the other ice floes to form a path: The player places his totem token on the ice floe he just played. On his next move, it is this ice floe that he must shoot.

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