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Family game Quick Couic from Djeco near Pilzessin

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6-99 years
From 2 players

Contents: 16 cards, 16 cardboard objects, 2 eye wipes

Goal of the game: Be the team that wins the most rounds

Preparation of the game: Players form teams of 2 players each.
In each team you appoint an “arm” and a conductor. Each “arm” binds itself
close your eyes with a cloth. The conductors sit opposite their partner and
Distribute the 16 cardboard objects in the middle of the table.

Rules of the game:
Each conductor draws 5 cards from the deck of 16 cards: these are them
Items that the “poor” have to find. At the start signal, the “arms” stretch
one arm out and let their partner direct them at the same time. By their
Following directional instructions, they move their arm over the objects and grab them
one of them.
If they get the wrong item, they have to put it back.
The first “arm” that grabbed his conductor’s 5 items and set them aside
has, is the winner. His team wins the round.
Then the ?poor? the conductors and vice versa.
The objects are placed back in the middle of the table and the cards are
collected and mixed and so on.

End of the game: The first team to win 5 rounds is the winner.

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