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Family game Quick Couic from Djeco near Pilzessin

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Observation of speed

In the direction of the arrows of the eyes you have to find your way out of the labyrinth as quickly as possible to get the totem. The fastest wins the game!

An exciting strategy game from Djeco. An adventurous strategy game for the whole family.

Age: from 8 years
Playing time approx. 15 min
2-4 players

Preparation of the game
The cards are shuffled and placed (face down) in a pile on the table.
The 4 totems are distributed so that there is space for a card in the middle.

The youngest player turns over the top card of the pile and places it maze side
up to the middle of the 4 totems. All players play at the same time.
As quickly as possible, players follow the path of the arrows, starting with the red one
Arrow up to the arrow indicating the exit. The first player to find the exit takes the corresponding totem. Which totem you have to take depends on the symbol on the back of the top card of the deck.

Exiting the color on the edge the player takes the totem of the color indicated by the arrow on the edge.

Exit via the totem The player takes the totem that is on the side of the exit arrow.

The first player to take the correct totem wins the labyrinth card,
which he places in front of him as a point won.

Special case?: There is no exit on 3 cards. The labyrinth card wins
in this case the player who shouts “Totem” first. If a player makes a mistake (he takes or touches the wrong totem), he loses a previously won card. This card is removed from play and set aside.
Then the next player turns over another card from the stack and places it in the middle
of the totems. A new round of the game begins.

As soon as a player has 7 cards, he has won the game.

A game by Cédric Martinez

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