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Make skateboard pictures with sand from Djeco

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The pompom set 3 birds with wool in colorful from Djeco encourages creative crafts. This set includes 3 cardboard birds, 3 balls of yarn and 2 magnetic sheets. Children between the ages of 7 and 13 wrap the wool around the bows until a thick pompom is created. This then becomes the birds’ cuddly body. Skill and patience are required here. The Djeco pompom set 3 birds with wool in colorful is ideal for independent activity and is a nice gift idea.

Djeco – This is the story of a family business that is committed to creativity, courage and passion. Founded in 1954, the toys promote knowledge and intelligence. The Djeco learning games include wooden puzzles, wooden toys, cardboard puzzles, card games, board games, craft sets, DIY sets, dice games, tactics games, letter games, lottery games, strategic thinking games, guessing games, quiz games, reaction games, arithmetic games, hammer games, family games, patience games and many more more. We have a huge selection of Djeco games in our children's shop Pilzessin in Graz and in our Djeco online shop because we love Djeco and think that children should play even more.