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Hoppstar Rookie children's camera in Honey

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Hoppstar Rookie children's camera in Honey

The Hoppstar Rookie impresses with its adorable design.
The large buttons make it particularly easy to use.
The removable and replaceable silicone case offers protection against breakage while providing enough grip to easily hold and operate the camera.
Featuring popular features such as photo frames, photo filters and facial recognition, the Rookie offers many fun ways for children to explore their creativity and develop their skills.

Further information:

Great quality photos
Sure, not every recording will be equally good, but every recording deserves to be good. That's why Hoppstar children's cameras offer high-resolution image sensors so that your children's captured moments can be saved or printed out for the future.
Attractive design
Hoppstar children's cameras value attractive design. We want to offer your child a product that they will be proud to take with them everywhere and also be happy to show off. Hoppstar is available in many different and interchangeable designs, so there is something for every taste.
More than “just” a toy
Through photography, Hoppstar wants to help children express their creativity, sharpen their powers of observation and further develop their fine motor skills. Your child should be able to immerse themselves in a completely new world, experience it as a moment and capture it photographically.
No additional games
Hoppstar children's cameras are educational toys. We deliberately avoid additional built-in games. So that the fun of taking photos isn't neglected, all cameras have super cute photo filters and frames that children can experiment with when taking photos. 
Highest quality and lightweight construction
Hoppstar children's cameras are made from the highest quality materials. This not only makes them particularly robust against impacts, but also particularly light and pleasant to use.
Simple, child-friendly usability
Large buttons ensure easy operation so that you can familiarize yourself with all of the camera's functions as quickly as possible.
Certified quality
Hoppstar children's cameras are certified according to the following international standards: CCC, MA, CE, RoHS
Charging and data transfer made easy
Hoppstar children's cameras are equipped with an SD card slot (and a matching 16 GB SD memory card), as well as a USB charging cable slot for charging.
13 European languages
The Hoppstar children's cameras menu is available in 13 European languages, among others
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovenian, Danish,
Serbian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish and Hungarian.

Scope of delivery: Hoppstar rookie camera, 16GB memory card, 2in1 lanyard with integrated USB  Support cable, 1x OTG adapter Micro USB, 1x OTG adapter Type C, operating instructions